Corporate Social Responsibility


What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It aims to make sure businesses are operating in the most ethical way possible.We have integrated this concept as a key component of our business. It drives everything we do & helps us make a difference in our community!

When most people learn about this concept, they most likely just think about the sourcing for their products and making sure that those items are coming from a sustainably sourced location where the workers are treated fairly. For us, this is not only about the sourcing of our products, but also about our environmental impact as a business and our social impact when interacting with our customers.

We love positively contributing to our community every single day!

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important?

CSR is not only important for sustaining our planet and the environment we live in, but it also makes sense for our business, long-term. We believe that community enrichment, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring success of future generations.

To show that we take this very seriously, we donate thousands of lbs of used electronics to several charities, here in Portland, OR every year. We have been able to prevent several thousand families from paying their equipment rental fees & have also helped reduce the amount of electronic waste being added to the landfill through recycling.

We plan to increase the amount of donations & recycling every year as we feel this is one of the key benefits our company is able to provide for our community.

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